Peaceful Parenting eBook


A straight-forward, easy to understand, solutions-based guide to Peaceful Parenting for busy parents and guardians. To read more, click on the cover…

This is an easy to read and understand eBook, for busy parents and guardians (anyone that looks after children), that will guide them into the journey of Peaceful Parenting.

I specifically did not write a 184 page eBook, but kept it to 24 pages so that the reader can get the facts and solutions quickly. It also includes a 3 page worksheet to work through on a daily basis.

No fancy words, no waffling, no impossible missions, and (importantly) no guilt. Just simple explanations, and practical examples of how one can begin to include Peaceful Parenting into ones life today.

Peaceful Parenting scientifically (and from experience) leads to less stress, closer relationships, more trust, confidence, respect and so many other beautiful outcomes in a family.

Learn how to become a part of this incredibly freeing world…


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